Best Breakfasts in Madison

Ok so we believe "Best of" lists are mostly... well nonsense. But people seem to love them so like it's famously been said Let the people eat breakfast! (In no particular order) 1. Marigold Kitchen Local ingredients: Check. Delicious specials: Absolutely. Bottomless coffee: Always. They don't only serve great pancakes (which they do), they have amazing lunch. Wisconsin winters demand hot soup on a chilly Wednesday and their soups are always on point. #capitol #GFfriendly 2. Willaby's Cafe Have you been looking for the hipster diner of your dreams? Look no further. Willaby's serves pancakes bigger than a platter and scramblers with all the fixin's. This is the kind of place you bring your Aussie Couchsurfing guests to impress them with American portions. Also the food is just delicious. Especially after a rough Saturday... or Tuesday. #willystreet 3. La Brioche Is any Madison Breakfast list complete without La Brioche? Well, none that we care about. A mix of French and Mexican inspiration with a whole bunch of feng shui (truly). Outdoor seating galore and fresh baked everything. Need we say more. Maybe but we suggest you just go eat there yourself. #nearwest #GFfriendly 4. Manna Cafe Have you been looking for your grandma's house only in restaurant style? We didn't know how much we needed it but we are glad we did. Everything is house made and fresh, including the bread on your breakfast sandwich. Hell even their website is heartwarming! Manna is the definition of community and inclusivity. #neareast #GFfriendly Madison has a MILLION brunch places but all of these places serve breakfast every day of the week


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