We were hired to design the branding for Allocated Specialities, a new DTC food importer based out of Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Our goal was to create a modern and bold take on traditional Tuscana. We were inspired by the rich warm colors and rolling hills associated with wine country.


We designed three distinct logos that could be used for the many different purposes they would need. Including importing labels, social media, website, packaging, and more. We wanted the logos to work together and stand solo. 

The AS team wanted a horizontal logo that included an olive branch and an homage to the rolling hills of vineyards.

We wanted to create a condensed and versatile logo that could easily be included on packaging, as a website or social media icon, or any other small space.

This logo ties both the icon & full logo together in a playful way. We love the boldness of the AS initials mixed with the delicate lines of the olive branch.


Color Version


We took the original olive branch out of the logo and made it the core asset. Importing small batch olive oils from international producers is at the core of AS and we wanted to tie that into their visual identity.



To help bring to life the full visual identity, we created mock-ups of potential social media designs. The goal is to create a uniform feel across the page, combining beautiful images of food & wine country with bold, original graphics.

Mock-up of Allocated Specialties Instagram feed.

Mock- up Instagram posts

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