New Clock'd Website

We started working with Clock'd after they launched their app in late 2019. 

As a startup working in the service industry, they wanted their brand to feel like the industry they loved: bold, no-nonsense, and human. 

We worked with them to develop a whole new brand identity. We overhauled their website, designed new sales material, provided them with a branding sheet, created social media templates, and worked with their developers to update their app to match the new brand.

New Clock'd Website



Doyenne and Lady Laughs Comedy approached us and told us of their new podcast Lady Laughs. 

The podcast features the behind-the-scenes stories of female entrepreneurs. The podcast was going to be bold and honest and of course, funny.


Our goal with the design of the Lady Business Podcast logo was to stand out from the hundreds of podcasts that currently exist, but also give the audience a sense of what they were in for with the stories. 

WTF Physical Ticket 

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