Subscription & Weekly Zines

We love zines. Like really love zines. 

Zines are self-published mini-magazines that have no rules. We have done many, many zines and can not get enough of the format.

We started our career of zines with a 16-week, weekly free zine that featured local artists, businesses and events.

We've been commissioned to make zines for events, seminars and even had a subscription zine before COVID. 

We love experimenting with formats, style, layout and mediums and would love to brainstorm how zine could be perfect for your next project.


We created a limited-editionn zine for Majestic's RESPECT showcase &fundraiser


WTF Physical Ticket 


A Scene from WTF



When COVID hit, all of the projects we had been working on got thrown to the wind. With everything turning into a zoom call, we decided we wanted to try a different kind of virtual event. 

Our solution... WTF: A choose your own experience event which combined a video game style of website, an app, panel discussions, dance parties, a physical ticket bundle and discord channels to connect guest attendees. 

The event was collaborative, ambitious and used a range of digital and physical mediums. 




Telling the story of Epic's move to telemedicine.

The Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce reached out to us to help them tell the stories of local businesses in the time of COVID. They came to us with a blank template and the basic premise of telling these stories visually.


It was our task to create a format and design that would be able to encapsulate each story while being visually engaging and unique. We worked with GMCC to create a two-panel, human-centric format that works well on social media but will also eventually be beautiful in print. 

Telemedicine2 (1).jpg
Teel Plastics 2.jpg