Olivia Wisden

(She / Her)

Olivia's talent lies in taking the mundane and making it weird. She loves playing in print and can not believe she gets to work with such incredible artists and help rad businesses bring their visions to life.

Elizabeth Wisden

(She / Her)

Collaboration is the name of Elizabeth's game. Her favorite part of the job is hearing the excitement in others’ voices and spitballing ideas to make them come to life, in as unique and robust means imaginable.

Sarah Akawa

(She / Her)

Sort of a jack of all trades, Sarah is an event producer, DJ, VJ, graphic designer, and UX/UI designer. She enjoys creating outside and beyond the norms and taking wisps of ideas to full fledged productions.


Araceli Zuniga

(She / Her)
Painting, Sculpture, Design

Araceli Zuniga is a multidisciplinary community artist currently studying at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her personal work focuses on the intersections of identity, childhood and energy. Her community work is centered on advocating for healing and awareness of underrepresented communities.  

T.L. Luke

(She / Her)
Digital Illustration, Murals, Traditional Ink & Paper. 

T.L. Luke is a Madison WI based full-time professional illustrator and muralist most well known for her sharp, detailed, comic-like designs, fast project turnarounds, and open communication with her clients. She also works alongside graphic designers (most notably Gold Spark Design in Denver, CO) to add illustrative elements to product labels, trace client sketches into clean vector files, and more. Check out her website at tl-luke.com for more examples of her work and business practices. 

Jordan Biagomala

(He / Him)
Cinematography, Photography, Editing, Graphics

Jordan Biagomala is a Madison based cinematographer/photographer who enjoys creating images that bring wonder. 

Ryan Prehara

(He / Him)
Acrylic, Oils & Ink Washes, Traditional Ink & Paper, Mixed Media Wood Sculptures

Through my graphic drawing and painting style I have spent multiple years developing, I hope to communicate to viewers my fragmented and odd perspective on life. Many of my works tend to consist of concentrated jumbles of various objects, body parts and text colliding with one another in a two dimensional stream of consciousness. The work I create is not so much focusing  on one major theme in my life, but more specifically exemplifying how I feel at the time of the work's creation. By committing to the process of a practically random arrangement, I hope to convey intimate emotional dialogue with the viewer as their eyes scatter across the canvas and or paper, much like my mind and eyes scatter throughout the world around me.

Sam Christensen

(He / Him)
Screen Printing, Spray Paint, Photography

Sam Christensen is a multi-disciplinary artist that focuses on the motifs of memory and nostalgia. He also is interested in ephemeral artifacts and the effect they have on his work. 

Dudley Noon

(He / Him)
Digital Media, Print Media, Video Editing, Event Content, Music Production, Live & Radio DJ

Dudley Noon is a Producer, Instrumentalist, Dj, and Visual Media Designer based out of Madison, WI. Dudley specializes in music production, album art design, and event poster design. 

Megan Touhy

(They / She)
Ink, Acrylic, Wood, Neon, Glass

Based in multimedia and continuously exploring new techniques - Megan currently lives and works in Madison and focuses the majority of their work's themes around botanical illustration, traditional sign painting, and tattoo culture.

Avalon Clare

(She / Her)
Digital (Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop), Pencil, Pen, Paintmarker

Raised in Northern Colorado, Avalon Clare is a digital illustrator and designer who lived in Puerto Rico before relocating to Madison in 2018. She received a BFA in Illustration from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia in 2008. 

Kristin Shafel

(She / Her)
Illustration, Graphite Pencil, Photography


Madison-based artist Kristin Shafel recently returned to the visual arts after many years as a classically trained musician. She specializes in photorealistic graphite pencil drawings, which focus closely on a meaningful physical gesture or particularly significant facial expression. Through the intimacy and delicacy of black-and-white portraiture, Kristin strives for connection between viewer, subject, and herself.

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