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The Challenge

New boutique importing company, Allocated Specialties, was looking for a brand identity that was inspired by traditional Tuscana whilst feeling bold and modern. 

Our target consumer was young professionals who were already investing in finer food products and appreciated small-batch producers.  The brand would live almost exclusively online and had to build trust with consumers that Allocated Specialties would bring them with incredible products that couldn't be found anywhere else.

The Solution

We were inspired by the rich warm colors and rolling hills associated with wine country. Olive oil is one of the key products that Allocated Specialties imports, so the olive branch was a natural icon for the brand.

We chose to stick with clean lines, vibrant colors, and stunning natural photography as the base of the brand identity. Our goal was to create a 'wow' experience visually across all aspects of the brand to replicate the experience customers will have when consuming their products.

AS Banner Logo PNG.png
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