OLIVIA / Co-Founder & CEO

Olivia is the woman steering this ship and usually the one creating the corny joke. If you are looking for any information regarding partnerships or sponsorships email her at hello@underbelly.io

TOMMY / Co-Founder & CTO

Tommy is the man who has made everything a reality. He's the man behind the app and often refocusing the team. For any technical issues or Milwaukee questions email him at app.underbelly@gmail.com

LIZ / Brand Director

Liz is the creator and goddess of the UnderBelly brand. She has the innate skill to take Olivia's nonsense and make it come to life. For any zine or art content requests email her at e.w.underbelly@gmail.com

We are a platform that believes that supporting local is the best. Period. We understand that communities know themselves best. Our goal is to simply help them yell their stories to interested audiences. 

We want you to find the cool, offbeat, and unique places. 

We believe stars belong in the sky and not as a descriptor for a coffee shop.

We want you to join us in changing the way we explore the world.


UnderBelly is a curated app that connects you to local businesses and niche events. This means we work closely with the community to find the interesting things happening around town. 

How are we different from Facebook or Yelp you're probably asking? First, we're curated. This means not everything (nor every business) will be on UnderBelly. That's kind of our point. Second, we work exclusively will locally owned, inclusive businesses. This means you won't be finding chains or franchises (even local ones) here. Finally, you can't pay or ask to be on the platforms. This means you aren't seeing ads or content we don't 100% support. 

We also have some loftier goals. We aim to ultimately provide personalized recommendations. This means the more you engage with the app and attend local events/businesses, the better our recommendations become. This also means we are collecting data. We want to be frank and honest, we believe data is powerful and when in the right hands, it can be great. 

People are afraid of what they don't understand so we're here to explain in regular terms what data we're collecting and why. We are not collecting data to sell to marketers (or political entities). You won't suddenly start seeing ads for places you've found on UnderBelly. Your data is used to better improve our recommendations and learn about consumer trends. Your data stays within our app and within your phone. You are also completely in control of your data. Every question is optional (apart from login and password) and you can opt out of personalization. But we're also figuring this out along the way. So our promise to you is this: we will always be upfront with you about how we're using your data and what we are collecting and we will always put it upfront and center (no hidden in user policy bullshit)

If you ever have any questions regarding your data or our policies we are an open door, so please feel free to contact us at any point.

UnderBelly is proud to work with local businesses that understand that inclusivity is a no brainer. All of our recommendations are inclusive to all, but that doesn't mean they are everyone's cup of tea and that's kind of the point. We like to think they are more.... some people's shot of tequila.

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